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deadpuppylovers's Journal

oh fuck! what morons!
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another rating community, oh boy. stfu.
this community is created just for fun and
really shouldnt be taken that seriously.
but hey,

were cunts.


theres not many and theyre not that hard

1 app behind lj-cut
2 3-5 CLEAR pics are required for all applicants
3 we dont care if you abbreviate, just dont type like a cheerleader on speed
4 if you get rejected, dont come back
5 bold questions on app
6 ale licks pussy. lmao
7 if you are accepted, feel free do be a twat to applicants
8 if a accepted member is being a twat, dont be a little bitch
9 if youre rejected and decide to delete your post, you will go down in our info as being a little bitch
10 be brutal and have fun
11 do not promote your community here, there are other places for that
12 heads up to applicants: were dont really care about your answers as much as we care about how your answering
13 mods decide on the first three applicants
14 if you plan on joining, plan on filling out the app and being active if your accpted
15 kthnx motherfuckars


1 name.
2 age.
3 sex.
4 location.
5 pets.
6 piercings/tattoos.
7 in your opinion. . .
a) best 80s band.
b) best song.
c) best city you been to.
d) best car.
e) best type of cigarettes.
8 have you ever. . .
a) walked in on your parents/relatives having sex.
b) been arrested (if so what for).
c) farted infront of a large crowd.
d) bungee jumped.
e) watch every episode of a season of the real world.
f) been catch picking your nose.
g) owned a cell phone and a pager at the same time.
h) met someone famous.
9 what religion do you practice.
10 opinions on. . .
a) same sex marriage.
b) abortion.
c) politics.
d) mtv.
e) fashion magazines.
f) pontiacs.
11 are you a(n). . .
a) american citizen.
b) druggie.
c) nail biter.
d) fan of george michael.
12 promotes us to a person on your friends list (provide link please).
13 pics.


kthanx bitches

accepted (none yet)
rejected (mayhemfaze)