.:Question the nature of your consciousness:. (mayhemfaze) wrote in deadpuppylovers,
.:Question the nature of your consciousness:.

1 name.Lane
2 age. 17
3 sex. hell yeah! girl.
4 location.Birmingham Alabama
5 pets.dog(Mac- Golden Retriever.. the dark golden ones, not the gay white ones)and Cat (Joe B. Lewis-Joby for short- he's the fattest cat to ever walk to earth!)
6 piercings/tattoos. Ears double pierced. I really want a tattoo on my hip bone though - I only have a little bit more to go til I'm 18.
7 in your opinion. . .
a) best 80s band. depeche mode - duh!
b) best song. "H" by TOOL
c) best city you been to. New Orleans
d) best car. 1967 Mustang or a 1965 911 Porsche
e) best type of cigarettes. Yeah don't smoke well not those at least. I wish I did because anyone holding a cig automatically becomes 1oo times more sexy. I would choose Marlbro cause the Marlbro man is a hottay or Camels cause they have humps.
8 have you ever. . .
a) walked in on your parents/relatives having sex. yes, thank you for bringing up disgusting memories.
b) been arrested (if so what for). nah
c) farted infront of a large crowd. ew no.
d) bungee jumped. i wish.
e) watch every episode of a season of the real world. no! - but i have seen every episode of Alias, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and South Park.
f) been catch picking your nose. ew again no!
g) owned a cell phone and a pager at the same time. Yes, 2 cellphones and a pager. Cept I don't use the pager.
h) met someone famous. Chad Ginsburg from CKY. Don't worry you've never heard of him.
9 what religion do you practice. no one really cares.
10 opinions on. . .
a) same sex marriage. whatever
b) abortion. girls should choose
c) politics. annoying people
d) mtv. brainwashing
e) fashion magazines. makemefeelfat
f) pontiacs. megacool
11 are you a(n). . .
a) american citizen. yes
b) druggie. sometimes
c) nail biter. used to be
d) fan of george michael. ew no.
12 promotes us to a person on your friends list (provide link please). how do I do that?
13 pics.

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